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There may be no day more important than this.

Let us help you create a priceless heirloom to eternally symbolize your cherished union.

Read through our process below, then join us if you are ready for a grand journey.

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Step 1: Consultation

Schedule a quick phone consultation with our team so that we can understand the details of your personal journey.

During this call, we will help you understand how to cut through the noise of diamond and colored gemstone selection and find what is going to represent your unique perspective the best.

We want to hear about your journey and every special detail that you might want to work into your Belle Mer heirloom.

Step 2: Search

Once we have confirmed you as a client, we will utilize our private global network to find your perfect stone, even if it requires going straight to the mines.

We have direct access to the finest diamonds of all sizes and cuts as well as the most coveted and rare colored gemstones.

Only the top 1% of stones pass our attention to detail and those that do not are either rejected, or if they meet certain criteria, recut at our award winning lapidary to form them into a true gem.

Step 3: Bespoke Service

Belle Mer's unparalleled bespoke service is our final step.

We will integrate every detail and perspective of your special story into the finished masterpiece, supporting you through every step on this unforgettable journey.

From Our Atelier

Be sure to ask our concierge about the Forever Band

Forever Band

Our atelier's masterful asymmetrical, flush textured setting takes on new meaning in the Forever Band.

Featuring an ultra comfortable low profile eternity design, the Forever Band's symbolism runs as deep as the ocean.

The textured metal of the band represents the unpredictable and sometimes rough challenges of life, while each and every scattered diamond, no two the exact same size, represent the shining, unforgettable moments that make life worth living.

Together, these rings symbolize the journey of human connection and the unbreakable bond of a beautiful relationship.

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