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Welcome! We are thrilled to know that you have an interest in our brand.

Read on to discover how Belle Mer was founded, why we are a mission driven brand and last but certainly not least, what we can offer you as a client.

Who is Belle Mer?

A Pisces, with a deep love for the ocean. Where the sound of the ocean can be heard and its deep mysteries pondered...that's where she feels the most connected to the universe.

Nicole is the heart of Belle Mer as a brand and her attention to aesthetic detail and love of the ocean are what gave rise to its creation.

Wanting to find a way to support our oceans and all the life they carry, Nicole made the decision to take her attention to detail and love for fine jewelry and turn it into a vehicle for her life-long wish of nurturing our ocean and its animals.

Ultimately, she and her husband, formed Belle Mer and became co-founders.

Fun Fact: Her favorite gemstone is Gray Spinel

The Experience

Our team has a diverse skillset, grounded in technology, sales, luxury hospitality and product development.

We believe true luxuries have nothing to do with price, but instead are translated from imagination to reality through human connection, attention to detail and skills mastered over countless focused hours.

Our discerning clients have every need seamlessly taken care of from the very first step until delivery of their treasured heirlooms. Purchases such as these should ultimately be a deeply personal experience and our promise is to deliver something unforgettable for each and every unique person who chooses to connect with us.

Our Mission

Belle Mer is French for "beautiful sea" and our mission-driven brand was founded with ocean conservation in mind from day one.

A portion of our profit goes toward ocean conservation efforts around the world. We love for our clients to know that they are fueling positive impacts around the world and we believe that this is the best form of capitalism.

We are always improving our materials and business practices to support our mission, and currently we are implementing highly recyclable packaging materials along with wood boxes intended for long term use. We also make use of Fairmined Gold and on request we are able to use recycled Diamonds in our client's jewelry should they desire that.

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We hope you will be a part of this meaningful mission!

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