Belle Mer's Bespoke Experience

The greatest creations start from human connection and emotion. Belle Mer's bespoke service is all about you.

Our expertise in materials and design will join with your heart's desire, and together we will crystalize something deeply meaningful or entirely whimsical.

Bespoke is yours. Join us for an experience of unforgettable luxury.

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Where It All begins

After an initial consultation and agreement on direction and design, our team will begin sourcing the materials needed to bring your creation to life.

We utilize our private global network of colored gemstones and diamonds to acquire exactly what you need.

Our designers will then begin the process and can deliver watercolor renderings in traditional jewelry gouache style for you to keep forever as a memento of this special occasion.

Your Dream Comes To Life

True luxuries are born from an emotional attachment and attention to every detail.

Our team will guide you through the entire creation process with unparalleled personal service and can deliver 3D printings, digital renderings and everything in between.

We are immediately available for anything our clients may need to ensure that they have an unparalleled, supportive experience. Belle Mer can also personally deliver anywhere in the world for exceptional pieces.

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